The Somme is a region of remembrance. It was actually where some of the most brutal battles of The First World War took place.

Come and discover some of these places full of history and emotions.



We recommend that you visit: 


Péronne: The Historial of the Great War

A highly respected museum devoted to the history of the First World War, the Historial studies the full cultural, social and military scale of this important chapter of history. The perspectives of the three main European nations at war (France, Germany and Great Britain) interweave through the memories of war experienced from the battle front to behind the lines. The idea of a new museum at the heart of the battlefields was conceived by the Somme Departmental Council who decided to incorporate it into the 13th century castle of Péronne, which had suffered so greatly during the Great War.

Albert: The museum of the battle of The Somme 1916

At the approach of World War II, which everyone felt soon upon them, to shelter the civil population and prevent mass exodus, the Town Hall decided to fortify the underground tunnels. It is inside the largest tunnel (10 meters underground and 250 meters long, from the Basilica through to the public garden) in which the Somme 1916 Museum is located.



Villers-Bretonneux: The Franco-Australian museum

Every 25th of April, during Anzac Day, thousands of Australians and New Zealanders assemble at Villers-Brettonneux.